How Couples Cope With Erectile Dysfunction

viagra-12268Erectile dysfunction is one of the last things any man wants to discuss with anyone. Millions of men suffer from either temporary bouts of the problem, usually referred to as situational erectile dysfunction, while other have chronic problems that require more intensive treatment. It’s a shame that men can’t seem to talk openly with a spouse, partner, close friend or even a doctor about the problem, because there has never been more that can be done to treat ED than there is right now. With amazing drugs like sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra and generic Viagra, men can get help with their problems and regain a full, rich sex life if they seek help. Men who bottle up the stress of dealing with erectile dysfunction instead of sharing their feeling with their partners or trusted friends report less satisfactory outcomes from ED therapies than those that ask for help.

Men that have difficulty in having and keeping an erection can feel inadequate, and while it’s bad for their self-confidence, it can also be a blow to the self-confidence of their sexual partners. Women who love men that can’t get erections when they’re being intimate with them often blame themselves for being unattractive or otherwise undesirable, and this can lead to a spiral of tension that makes it almost impossible for either partner to relax. The more tension that is added to the situation, the less likely it is that the man will be able to achieve an erection.

Drugs like sildenafil do an amazing job at allowing men to achieve an erection, but men must still be sexually aroused to get one even if a dose of generic Viagra has made it physically possible. That’s why couples that are struggling with erectile dysfunction need to find ways to stay intimate with each other so that when the time comes, both of them are ready to come together sexually.

If both partners are open-minded about exploring ways to be intimate even when sexual intercourse isn’t possible, it’s possible to keep a relationship romantic throughout what might be a very trying time otherwise. Couples can try to do things that they once found sexy and intimate. Watching movies together, cuddling, and being close with one another can keep the bond that’s necessary to finish the work that the medical part of their therapy will put in motion.

Viagra-Ed-Cartoon-11Any form of intimacy that doesn’t fixate all the attention on the man’s penis is likely to help keep the feeling of pleasure associated with lovemaking in both partner’s minds, and sometimes the sight of a woman enjoying herself in an intimate situation is enough to cause an erection for the man.

Doctors will first try to rule out serious underlying medical conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction, and then move on to treatments that address both the physical and emotional requirements to achieve an erection and keep it long enough for sexual activity. While a doctor can prescribe sildenafil, only the man and his partner can supply the spark that will make it work.